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Hot Boats for Hot Sailors
The Unltimate Resource for Laser Sailors!

1998 Tornado Worlds, Buzios, Brazil

Jim is a professional coach with over 40 years of Olympic-level experience, for 4 National Teams, in 3 sports, in two countries, two of those as Head Coach. Most of his recent years has been spent privately coaching athletes from many countires around the world. Beginning in 2005, Jim's goal has been to "settle down" and spend more time in the USA, especially with youth.

Jim's Sailing Background

Former Team, Pan Am, and Olympic Coach

Former XC Development Coach, Coaches Education

Former Head Coach

Former Head Coach

Equipment is nice,
but it is knowledge and skill that gets
someone to the top.

Browse around the site, and you will find a wealth of information and links, for sailors as well as for event organizers. There are of course some products here that are for sale, they are here to help support the coaching and coaching programs for youth. This is not trying to be a retail store, just a place to come to get information, ideas, and the occasional products that I find that really offer something extra.

The Sale Bin
Close-outs and other goodies!!

As if 2020 has not been "interesting' enough, on Oct 21, we got escaping the fire the "Evacuate Now!!!" order at 6:23 in the evening, with Colorado's East Troublesome wildfire exploding around us, moving at an astounding rate of 6000 acres burned per hour that evening. (The photo is one of only two photos I quickly snapped while evacuating, out my van window about 1/4 mile away from our home/shop.) After 12 days in a 'refugee center', hotel housing provided by the Red Cross, we were able to return - and find our home, shop, even our yurt, all still standing and unharmed even though surrounded by blackened ground and trees. But our neighbors were not so lucky, of the 3 nearest 5 lost everything and the other 2 have significant structural damage. Of the 7 permanent residents on our road, we are the only one left. It has taken us a couple weeks to reassemble our lives - emergency evacuations do not leave anything well-organized - and we have been heavily involved in helping our friends and neighbors, digging out the ruins of their lives, and swinging my chain saw to take out downed or hazard trees. Finally, Thanksgiving week, we are able to make sense out of our sailing inventory, get boxes back on shelves and spools of line back on the rack, and reopen this web site for business. 2021 has brought us into a new world. We are very happy to still be here, still talking sailing, still shipping needed sailing parts and pieces to sailors who hope for a return to something closer to normal. We wish all of our visitors and customers the best in coping with what we all face, a very different world as we work through 2021.
New challenges, new opportunities

AS the years go by, we change along with everything else in the world. We are now more focused on custom lines for small dinghies and catamarans, along with our continuing efforts to keep some older classes still enjoyed by their sailors afloat with the parts and pieces needed. In the coaching world, we are doing less; less means less travel, fewer hours lost in airports and on the road, and more time at home. We are doing less medium and long term projects, and have even cut back on weekend clinics and seminars. Jim isn't using the "retirement" word because he says he doesn't know what that means, but more home time is now the priority here. We still stay in touch with our sailor and coach friends at the top of the world in their classes, pushing the boundaries of what can be done on the water!

The photo on the right is one of Jim's, training the Odyessy Racing team of Stephanie Hudson and Dalton Tebo on Sarasota Bay in November of 2015. The pictured Nacra 17 has curved boards, making it known as a 'semi-foiling' boat. The class, after the 2016 Olympics in Rio (won by an old friend from Jim's Tornado days, Santiago Lange from Argentina) has voted and moved on, with World Sailing approving for the 2020 Olympics - now scheduled for 2021 - an upgraded version of the boat with full-foiling boards and rudders. So instead of just flying 'sometimes', its on full-speed-ahead to flying almost all the time!

Meanwhile, Optis are still Optis and club 420s are still club 420s with a huge base in all of North America - but signs of a few more of the light-weight, International 420, making its way into the US (hint; watch for the RS Arrow to start to make noise as THE single-handed boat of the future). We're hopeful for the new year, and the possible return by summer to what we once thought of as 'normal' but will never again take for granted.

Web Site Security, refunds, and returns:

On our web site here, you do not need to have any concerns at all, we do not gather any personal information or try to hide any cookies on your device when you are visiting, and for those of you concerned about online purchases, we do not collect or store any of your information, and we don't ask you to register or set up an account to read what we have to say or to buy from us. All purchases here are done through PayPal, using their very secure and reliable resources, no credit card information comes to us al all. We will accept returns to the address on our shipping labels for a full refund of the original purchase amount if the item(s) are returned to us in original unused condition within 30 days of receipt.


We are doing some background work on the web site, and amoung the things we are adding are some articles that Jim has written over the years that still apply. The first one up is an article titled "Mind Games", written for US Sailing back in 1983, but still loaded with advice that applies to the racing sailors of today. Click the title to read the pdf.


At Zim World Headquarters in Warren, RI, they continue to add and inovate to their collection of boats aimed specifically at serving the youth, sailing school, and club markets. Visit their web site at for complete info.


The Rules; The Racing Rules of Sailing get modified/unpdated every four years, and 2017 began a new 4-year cycle. Click the link to see the new Rules, and make sure you are current when you get on the water this season.

And did you know that most classes use something called the Equipment Rules of Sailing to standardize the definitions of all of the parts and pieces, including sails, on the boats that we play on? These Rules make sure we are all speaking the same language. Take a look, and improve your own understanding of the sport.

Better, Smarter, Faster

Every year brings more opportunities to get ahead - or fall further behind. What are YOU doing to be sure you are among the 'get ahead' group?


International Customers shopping on-line here; Estimated Shipping will be added to all orders from Australia and Canada; for all others, your shopping cart will show $0 shipping, we will calculate the best rate and send you an electronic bill for charges before shipping.

Opti Splashes

Hike out, go fast, have fun!

That's how sailing should be!!

Some of our Training Sessions 2009 Training

June training sessions

On-Line Shopping

If you see something listed on our shopping pages and there is no "Add to Cart" button next to it, that means that we are out of stock. Simply drop us a note and we'll let you know when we expect to be able to ship.

Zim Sailing Need to upgrade your youth program? Nothing like a fleet of new boats to get kids - and their parents - more excited about what you are doing. Jim can help, with Optis and C420s from Zim, as well as the right kind of advice and help to make your program better. Contact us.

How Serious are You About Getting Better?

Jan 14, 2007, Rush Creek Yacht Club, Dallas TX, 10-12 mph winds, and 25° F: Some of my Opti training group that got in 4 hours sailing that day, the middle day of a 5 day training camp that totaled over 18 hours of sailing while the rest of Dallas was hiding from from the freezing rain and ice.

What are YOU doing to get better? If your idea of winter is sitting inside and waiting, then these sailors just got farther ahead of you. You can't catch anyone by doing less work. (And these kids will tell you that they all had fun - they all had on the right gear including waterproof socks - and will never be intimidated by any Yankee sailor's stories about frostbiting!)

(The fog in the background of the photo is the typical 'steam' cloud that rises above a lake when the air is much colder than the water, heat and moisture leaving the lake surface. Its common on lakes just before they freeze.)

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